Our focus is to promote and grow the wrestling community in Spokane, Washington and beyond. The program’s sole purpose is to offer wrestling instruction to any child who wants to participate regardless of money. We believe that the fundamentals of wrestling, dedication, desire and discipline, prepares a child for a successful adulthood.

About Spokane Wrestling

In the Spring of 2013, I started a wrestling program (what is now Spokane Wrestling) out of West Central Community Center for low income/ distressed kids in Spokane Washington. According to Google, our city holds 210,721. Of that number, I would say 5,000 are wrestling associated and 1,000 are actually competing. That’s a really small percentage when you think about it.

Spokane’s wrestling scene has grown since then and our city now holds a Guinness world record for the largest youth tournament ever completed in 24 hours.

Wrestling has helped shape my line in such a positive way, that I dedicate my free time teaching and sharing my experiences with all who will listen. Over my years of coaching, I have seen wrestling transform behaviorally challenged, confidence lacking, non-motivated children into disciplined, respectful, attentive young adults. Wrestling is the truest and purest sport out there.
I have a goal/vision of exposing every person in Spokane to wrestling. I personally believe that wrestling is a great tool for any child or parent. The principles we teach carry over into every aspect of life.

We believe in the 3 D’s: Dedication, Desire, Discipline

My vision is to create a foundation that is committed to offering financial help to any child wanting to participate in wrestling, along with bringing great coaches and camps to the area to help raise awareness and the level of competition 

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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