Sports and Competition. It is as old as humankind.
Two contestants, one victor.

Wrestling is recorded as one of the oldest sports known to man and one of the original events in the Olympics; Pure and disciplined. With a heavy focus on nutrition, self-accountability, mental toughness, and physical excellence, it is no wonder why this sport is an amazing opportunity generator for any child involved. Wrestling prepares a child for a successful adulthood.

Spokane Wrestling is a not for profit organization based out of West Central Community Center. The program’s sole purpose is to offer wrestling instruction to any child who wants to participate regardless of money. Every child who enters the program is given a free pair of shoes, workout shirt/shorts, wrestling uniform, and headgear. This is provided at Little to No Charge to the child or parent.

We accomplish this feat with the help of the community

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With an open arms and open heart policy, we accept kids of all ages from all walks of life. Our goal is to provide a safe environment, while teaching the fundamentals of wrestling and life. Children who have entered the program are encouraged to always do their best, respect those around them, staying positive and to believe in themselves


“A winning record is temporary, a winning mindset is forever. Lets focus on the forever”


Coach Mike Pursel

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Once you’ve wrestled in life, everything else is easy

-Dan Gable